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  • Coenzyme Q10
    37,00 €
    New generation of coenzyme Q10 Coenzyme Q10 also known as CoQ10 is a molecule naturally present in all human cells: it is a major contributor to the production of energy. The synthesis of this molecule by our cells deteriorates with age. Its quantity can also be reduced in different situations: strong physical effort, stress, consumption of alcohol or...
    Coenzyme Q10
  • Patented curcuma extract
    29,00 €
    Patented curcuma extract Curcuma is the main spice used in the composition of curry. Consumed a lot in India, as well as Asian countries, for its taste and smell, curcuma is also used there for digestive disorders, ulcers, certain skin problems, and in support of immunity and hepatobiliary systems. Curcuma contains interesting compounds called...
    Patented curcuma extract
  • Combats oxidative stress
    35,00 €
    Combats oxidative stress Free radicals play an important role in cellular ageing and are the origin of many metabolic disorders. Certain nutrients (vitamin C and E, zinc, selenium, manganese) help combat oxidative stress. The vitamin C contained in ENOCERIDE® contributes to the normal formation of collagen, essential to maintaining healthy skin and...
    Combats oxidative stress
    13,00 €
    POINTS FORTSRichesse et diversité en minéraux et oligo-éléments alcalins Produit naturelL’ÉQUILIBRE ACIDO-BASIQUE Le maintien de l’équilibre acido-basique est une fonction vitale de notre corps. Le pH de notre organisme doit être finement régulé dans nos tissus et fluides....
    14,00 €
    Complément alimentaire à base de fer. Quantité nette : 19 g (74€/100g)  Energie, croissance   1 gélule le soir, à avaler avec de l’eau avant le repas   Cure de 2 mois (renouvelable)    Pilulier contenant 60 gélules (soit une durée de 2 mois)...
  • strains adapted to the child
    19,00 €
    POINTS FORTSSouches spécifiquement sélectionnées pour le nourrisson et l’enfant Absence d’allergènesLA FLORE INTESTINALE Dès la naissance, notre intestin est colonisé par des bactéries qui forment notre flore intestinale. Celle-ci se développe et se diversifie au fil des...
    strains adapted to the child
    23,00 €
    POINTS FORTSAssimilation rapide (petits peptides) Absence d’allergèneLE COLLAGÈNE Le collagène est un composant naturellement présent dans notre organisme. Il représente 70% de la masse sèche des cartilages et entre majoritairement dans la composition des tendons (85%), des ligaments (70%) et de...
    20,00 €
    POINTS FORTSSource algale naturelle d’iode de haute qualité Forme biodisponible d’iode Synergie des constituants de l’algue Contribue à la fonction normale de la thyroïde (iode) Soutient la production normale des hormones thyroïdiennes (iode)L'IODE L’iode est un oligoélément...
  • Relaxation and calm
    28,00 €
    Relaxation and calm Work, family life, exams, etc. Our lifestyles are often a source of stress. This stress can sometimes disrupt the way in which our body works. KAROSHIL contains vitamin B, which contributes to a normal energetic metabolism, maintaining the proper functioning of the nervous system and normal synthesis of neuromediators. These vitamins,...
    Relaxation and calm
  • Intestinal ecosystem
    29,00 €
    Intestinal ecosystem In certain situations, the intestine is severely tested: during changes in diet, when taking antibiotics, during stressful periods, etc.Yet it is important to maintain the balance of our intestinal flora. The intestine is a key organ which does not only digest food. It represents a true barrier between the outer environment and the...
    Intestinal ecosystem
    26,00 €
    Bon fonctionnement cardiovasculaire*3 gélules par jour (1 matin, 1 midi et 1 soir), à avaler avec un verre d'eau au cours des repas. Cure de 2 mois (renouvelable) Boîte comprenant 60 gélulesLe cholestérol est un lipide qui joue un rôle central dans de nombreux processus biochimiques. Transporté...
    26,00 €
    Bon fonctionnement cardiovasculaire*3 gélules par jour (1 matin, 1 midi et 1 soir), à avaler avec un verre d'eau au cours des repas. Cure de 2 mois (renouvelable) Boîte comprenant 60 gélulesLe cholestérol est un lipide qui joue un rôle central dans de nombreux processus biochimiques. Transporté...
  • Magnesium highly assimilable
    15,00 €
    Magnesium highly assimilable Approximately 75 % of the adult population has magnesium intakes below recommended levels. However, magnesium is an essential mineral in our body. It takes part in more than 300 biochemical reactions. Magnesium contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. It contributes to a reduction of tiredness and to maintain normal...
    Magnesium highly assimilable
  • Prostate
    25,00 €
    Fonctionnement normal de la prostate L’évolution de la taille de la prostate est un phénomène naturel chez l’homme. Environ 8% des hommes trentenaires présentent ce trouble bénin tandis que cet état est retrouvé chez 90% des nonagénaires.Cette croissance du tissu prostatique peut...
  • Multi-mineral Complex
    26,00 €
    THE multi mineral complex (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc et chromium). Millions years ago, plants grew on a volcanic floor rich in oligo elements. Nowadays, floors are poorer, plants as cereals have less possibilities to capture minerals and oligo elements. Since few years, scientist research has demonstrated the importance of oligo elements...
    Multi-mineral Complex
  • Menopause
    23,00 €
    Menopause The menopause is a period in which important changes take place in a woman's life. For the majority of women, this period comes with more or less significant disruption such as hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, articular and muscular disorders. Outside of medical hormone replacement treatment, for the main part, natural solutions call upon...
  • The nutrient of muscles
    33,00 €
    Enrich your muscles ! Sport and/or regular/moderate physical activity are widely recognized as key factors to improve health. However, "get back to the sport" is sometimes hard and frustrating because of cramps difficult and muscular recovery. SEAPIAX is a new marine complex extracted from cuttlefish through a proprietary and patented process. IN SHORT...
    The nutrient of muscles
    20,00 €
    Complément alimentaire à base de spiruline. Quantité nette : 80 g (25,00€/100g)   Tonus, vitalité   4 comprimés par jour (2 matin et 2 soir), à avaler avec de l’eau pendant les repas   Cure de 1 à 2 mois (renouvelable)    Pilulier contenant...
    14,00 €
    POINTS FORTSAction rapide Usage facile et transport aisé Pas d’accoutumance ni de dépendanceLES TROUBLES DU SOMMEIL L’insomnie se traduit par une diminution de la qualité et de la quantité du sommeil. Une personne sur trois est concernée par les troubles du sommeil. Le spray Sommeil PHILOTIA...
  • The best glutathione on the market
    29,00 €
    The best glutathione on the market Glutathione is a tripeptide synthesized by the organism which exists in two forms: a reduced form (GSH) and an oxidized form (GSSG). Only the reduced glutathione (GSH) is biologically active in the body. Unfortunately, its concentration declines with age and in the situations of oxidative stress (exposure to tobacco...
    The best glutathione on the market
  • Bone domain
    26,00 €
    Bone domain The bone is a tissue that is continuously renewed. In certain cases, there can be an imbalance between bone construction and degradation, which leads to bone demineralization. TRICATIONE has been recognized for more than 20 years in the osteoarticular sphere. It is based on a specific aqueous extract of common horsetail, a plant well-known...
    Bone domain
  • Natural phospholipids
    26,00 €
    Natural phospholipids Excess consumption of saturated fat can increase the risk of weight gain or of developing heart disease. However, all fats are not the same. We must consume fat carefully, favouring unsaturated fats such as Omega-3s. Other fats, such as phospholipids, are essential cell constituents. VECTOMEGA contains phospholipids naturally, which...
    Natural phospholipids
  • Circulation
    30,00 €
    Circulation Nearly a third of French people, a majority of which are women, are affected by chronic venous insufficiency and associated disorders. These often hereditary disorders are reinforced by different situations linked to our lifestyles: clothes too tight, prolong seated or standing position, smoking, alcohol, inadequate heating system. IN SHORT...
    13,00 €
    POINTS FORTSVitamine C 100% naturelle Assimilation supérieure à la vitamine C classique Source stable de vitamine C (association naturelle avec les polyphénols de camu camu) Procédé propriétaire et douxLA VITAMINE C L’Homme est un des rares mammifères à ne pas pouvoir...
A thorough quality approach and an orderly development including numerous clinical and scientific studies on finished products lead to the development of safe and effective products. Through a narrow range of truly innovative supplements, Laboratoires THE STUM emphasize quality over quantity. All these efforts, recognized by thousands of health professionals, aim to provide appropriate responses to all our customers. We wish you a pleasant visit and discover our products.

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