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  • Coenzyme Q10
    36,50 €
    New generation of coenzyme Q10 Coenzyme Q10 also known as CoQ10 is a molecule naturally present in all human cells: it is a major contributor to the production of energy. The synthesis of this molecule by our cells deteriorates with age. Its quantity can also be reduced in different situations: strong physical effort, stress, consumption of alcohol or...
    Coenzyme Q10
  • Relaxation and calm
    27,50 €
    Relaxation and calm Work, family life, exams, etc. Our lifestyles are often a source of stress. This stress can sometimes disrupt the way in which our body works. KAROSHIL contains vitamin B, which contributes to a normal energetic metabolism, maintaining the proper functioning of the nervous system and normal synthesis of neuromediators. These vitamins,...
    Relaxation and calm
  • Synergie nigelle-propolis
    23,00 €
    POINTS FORTSMatières premières uniques sélectionnées pour leur haute qualité et leur composition particulière Synergie de la Nigelle et de la PropolisLA NIGELLE ET LA PROPOLIS La nigelle, une plante herbacée originaire du Moyen-Orient, est utilisée traditionnellement depuis des...
    Synergie nigelle-propolis
  • Un concentré de nutriments
    20,00 €
    POINTS FORTSPureté et qualité de la spiruline (Label Naturland®) Naturalité du produit (absence d’excipients) Concentré de nutriments (protéines, lipides, minéraux et vitamines)LA SPIRULINE La spiruline est une algue bleu-vert microscopique (0,2 à 0,3 mm de long) qui doit son nom...
    Un concentré de nutriments
  • The best glutathione on the market
    28,00 €
    The best glutathione on the market Glutathione is a tripeptide synthesized by the organism which exists in two forms: a reduced form (GSH) and an oxidized form (GSSG). Only the reduced glutathione (GSH) is biologically active in the body. Unfortunately, its concentration declines with age and in the situations of oxidative stress (exposure to tobacco...
    The best glutathione on the market
A thorough quality approach and an orderly development including numerous clinical and scientific studies on finished products lead to the development of safe and effective products. Through a narrow range of truly innovative supplements, Laboratoires THE STUM emphasize quality over quantity. All these efforts, recognized by thousands of health professionals, aim to provide appropriate responses to all our customers. We wish you a pleasant visit and discover our products.

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